Explore the beautiful thatched-roof houses of Miyama village, the enchanting port town of Ine-cho, and relax in the Onsens of Miyazu and Kinosaki to the north of Kyoto

The beautiful villages of Northern Kyoto

Starting from USD1480 / 5 days

The beautiful villages of Northern Kyoto

The hidden villages of Miyama, Miyazu Onsen, Ine and Kinosaki Onsen in Northern Kyoto and Hyogo



  • Four nights at traditional Japanese inns, including a Kayabuki thatched-roof inn, a Funaba boathouse inn, and two nights at Onsen Ryokan
  • Experience delicious, freshly caught seafood in northern Kyoto
  • Easy access from central Kyoto and Osaka, with optional folding bicycle rental included
  • Feel the history of the 100 year-old Kura garage ports in Ine-cho
  • Explore the scenic village of Miyama by bike or on foot
  • Visit the local Sake brewery in Ine-cho - the closest to the sea in all of Japan

Kyoto is perhaps best known for its grand history and excellent architechure in the former capital Kyoto City, but venture out into the rural mountains of wider Kyoto Prefecture to the north and discover the wonderfully preserved villages of this regions long history. Visit the beautiful village of Miyama, at just two hours from Kyoto city, featuring lovingly maintained traditional Kayabuki thatched-roof houses, designed to withstand the heavy snowfall this northern area of Kyoto experiences in the winter. From Spring onwards, the village offers excellent exploration opportunities by bicycle and on foot, while overnighting in one of these historic houses.  From here, stopover in the Onsen Spa area of Miyazu bay facing the Japan Sea to the North, before travelling via the scenic Amano-Hashidate sandbar to the secluded maritime town of Ine-cho. This port, situated on the northern sea-front,  provides wonderful photography opportunities from both land and sea; the small town houses provide excellent Funaba boathouse inns and affords local boating opportunities, together with deliciously fresh seafood caught locally.    

In addition to overnight stays in a Kayabuki Minshuku and Funaba boathouse inn, the tour also features two nights in excellent Onsen Ryokan. Our Northern Kyoto tour enables guests the opportunity to explore the villages on foot or by bicycle; for those that wish to undertake the tour with our premium folding bicycles, we offer an orientation in Kyoto city before the main tour and free use of the bikes until you return these to us back in Kyoto at the end of the tour.

Due to the gentle nature of the optional cycling, this tour is ideal for couples and families. Please see here for other trips suited to families.

What's Included

  • Four nights at traditional Japanese Funaba, Kayabuki and Onsen Ryokan inns
  • 4 breakfasts and 4 dinners
  • Round-trip train tickets from Kyoto
  • Local support by telephone with our Kyoto Office, including optional orientation
  • Detailed day-by-day itinerary and topographical maps
  • Optional high-quality road or folding bike rental, plus helmet, tool kit, inner tube, bicycle lock
  • GPS device rental with detailed route information

What's Not Included

  • Flights
  • Airport transfers
  • Pay locally for drinks with meals and for lunches
  • Pay locally for bus journeys on each day (for those not cycling)
  • Single room supplement(s) if required


Itinerary Map
Day 1 - Travel from Kyoto to the emotive village of Miyama

Travel by train from Kyoto city, and finish the journey by bicycle or a local bus to the charming settlement of Miyama 美山, a small nostalic village of Kayabuki (thatched-roof) houses, built to withstand the heavy snowfall northern Kyoto experiences in winter. Overnight in one of these traditional dwellings in the evening.

Optional cycling distance: 29km / 18 miles

Elevation gain: 180m / 590 feet of ascent, 320m / 1050 feet of descent

Time required: About 2-3 hours

Accommodation: Kayabuki thatched-roof Minshuku

Meals: Dinner

Day 2 - Head north to the seaside town of Miyazu Onsen

Head further north to reach the seaside Onsen town of Miyazu 宮津. As the gateway into the northern coast of Kyoto, Miyazu boasts excellent views out over Wakasa bay and the Japan Sea. Experience delicious local cuisine and excellent Onsen Spa baths.

Optional cycling distance: 29km / 18 miles (in reverse)

Elevation gain: 320m / 1050 feet of ascent, 180m / 590 feet of descent

Time required: About 2-3 hours

Accommodation: Onsen Ryokan

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 3 - Visit secluded Ine-cho via via the Amano-Hashidate sandbar

This morning, head south to the iconic sandbar of Amano-Hashidate on Miyazu Bay, which features a spot ranked as one of the three most scenic views of Japan. You may wish to undertake the walk over the sandbar and back to the station before returning to Kyoto city by train.

Head up to the Tango Peninsula, the northernmost region of Kyoto on the Japan Sea, to reach the excellently preserved and secluded sea-front port town of Ine-cho 伊根町. Enjoy the wonderful scenery from your room at one of the relaxing Funaba boathouses where you will stay, enjoying meals with deliciously fresh seafood caught in the local bay.

Optional cycling distance: 19km / 12 miles

Elevation gain: negligible

Time required: About 2 hours

Accommodation: Funaba boathouse inn

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 4 - Experience the historic village of Kinosaki Onsen

Leave Kyoto-fu for a short excursion to historic Kinosaki in Hyogo Prefecture, an Onsen Spa town with over 1,300 years of history. 

In the evening, explore the myriad of bathhouses and traditional game arcades before overnighting in an Onsen Ryokan.

Optional cycling distance: 43km / 27 miles

Elevation gain: negligible

Time required: About 4-5 hours

Accommodation: Onsen Ryokan

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 5 - Travel on to Kyoto City

Spend the morning further exploring Kinosaki Onsen before heading onwards by train to Kyoto.

If you have opted to use our included bicycles, you are free to use these in and around Kyoto until returning them to our staff in Kyoto in the afternoon.

Meals: Breakfast



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