A rewarding drive along the sea, mountains and rivers of Shikoku’s southern Kochi region

Slow Drive Kochi Self-Guided 6 Days

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Slow Drive Kochi Self-Guided 6 Days

Drive at your own pace through the region, along the beautiful roads of Kochi to enjoy diverse landscapes and visit the numerous coastal, mountain and riverside villages along the way, through to Cape Ashizuri at the very southernmost tip of Shikoku Island. Sleep in unique Japanese accommodation, small and enchanting, where you feel the spirit of the Kochi region.



  • Experience four scenic and diverse geographic regions (the Yokonami Kuroshio line, the Shikoku Karst Plateau, the Shimanto River and Cape Ashizuri)
  • Indulge in the healing properties of Japan’s onsen hot spring inns and enjoy fresh regional cuisine
  • Experience ‘walking on water’ with an outdoor SUP water activity on the Niyodo River, and learn about the significance of Japanese washi paper cultivation and uses, with a dedicated local artisan
  • Deepen your spiritual experience with a meditation session in an atmospheric Zen temple
  • See works created by renowned architect Kengo Kuma in Yusuhara
  • Visit a number of optional Buddhist Temples along the ancient Shikoku 88 Temple pilgrimage

With our slow drive tour, experience the full Kochi region, beginning and ending in Kochi city - a historic former castle town with a relaxed ambience, situated immediately beside the Pacific coast. From here, the route.explores the geographical and cultural diversity of this hidden area, while also taking in a wide variety of authentic Japanese inns and experiences with excellent local cuisine.

Kochi Prefecture is situated on the southern side of Shikoku – the fourth largest island in Japan. The region is home to some of Japan’s most unspoiled nature, as well as rural villages with lovingly preserved local customs.  Kochi is a perfect reflection of life in rural Japan: a quiet, self-sufficient cultural landscape of spiritual traditions, where the rhythm of life is directly tied to the movements of the seasons. Combined with its generous geography of rivers, mountains, oceans, and valleys, Kochi is a wonderful destination for those searching for a hidden side of Japan away from the crowds. 

Throughout the tour, you’ll sample unique regional cuisine and enjoy the hospitality of contemporary and traditional Japanese inns on each evening. You’ll learn about the regional culture, taking in the remote villages of Susaki, Nakatosa, Yusuhara and Shimanto, with the option to visit a number of the ancient temples on the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage along your journey. Travel in comfort with your own eco-friendly hybrid rental car, with user-friendly sat-nav, and a tailored itinerary featuring our curated stops and suggested eateries, while also making your own unique discoveries and connections with local people throughout your adventure.


Hybrid Rental Car

Full use of an eco-friendly, spacious hybrid rental car, with sat-nav, is provided as standard for the duration of your tour from Kochi city. 

We also offer the opportunity to extend the tour with a leisurely 1-night extension to visit the remote Cape Muroto area in Eastern Kochi, with a unique Geopark, traditional seaside villages, and former castle towns, with optional visits to four remote Shingon Buddhist Temples - numbered among the wider Shikoku 88 Pilgrimage route - each featuring its own unique architectural style and Japanese garden designs.


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