The full Kumano Kodo pilgrimage experience to Mount Koya. See the Grand Shrines at Hongu and Nachi while walking the full Nakahechi and Kohechi route, with wonderful views over the valleys, mountains and the Pacific Ocean

Kumano Kodo Complete self-guided walking 11 days

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Kumano Kodo Complete self-guided walking 11 days

Village-to-village walking on the Kumano Kodo with 11 hikes of 2-7 hours



  • Village to village walking on enchanting sections of the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail
  • Bathe in the thermal waters at hot-spring inns on at least 5 nights
  • Enjoy wonderful views over the valleys, mountains and the Pacific Ocean
  • See the Grand Shrines at Hongu and Nachi, along with Nachi-taki waterfall
  • Stay at an authentic Shukubo pilgrims lodging on Mount Koya
  • Explore Kii-Katsuura's lively fishing port where you can join the tuna auction in the early morning

The Kii Peninsula points south away from Kyoto and Osaka and is one of the most remote and mystical areas of Japan, despite its proximity to these great cities. On the Kii Peninsula are the three Grand Shrines of Kumano, pilgrimage destinations for successive emperors and their families from Kyoto since the 11th century. There were several pilgrimage trails including the Nakahechi-do, Kohechi-do and Ohechi-do, collectively known as the Kumano Kodo ('Old Road of Kumano'). Our walk focuses on both the Nakahechi-do and Kohechi-do, weaving through forested mountains and small villages first towards the Hongu Taisha Shrine, then to the Grand Shrine in Nachi, and finally to the mountain-top temple complex of Mount Koya.

Learn more about how our resident staff support our guests in interacting with locals in the villages along the Kumano Kodo trail, and how we we foster relationships with, and contribute to the community by visiting our local Kumano Kodo branch page.

Please ask for information about our tour extensions to the mountain-top temple town of Mount Koya with its monastery lodgings, or the peaceful, agricultural community of Asuka at a charming Japanese inn or with a local family for a unique homestay experience.

This tour features two nights in the picturesque hot-spring village of Yunomine Onsen part-way along the trail. We offer two optional hikes for this extra day in addition to unique cultural experiences, such as walking with a Yamabushi ascetic monk, create your own traditional Japanese paper or undertaking a spiritual meditation session.

This tour offers more advanced hiking. Please see here for trips best suited to families.

Read about luggage options here.



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