Self-guided winter tour through the Japan Alps, with snowshoeing, numerous Onsen hot springs and a local culinary experience

Japan Alps Winter 6 days: Nagano and Gifu

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Japan Alps Winter 6 days: Nagano and Gifu

Self-guided tour through the Japan Alps, with snowshoeing, numerous Onsen hot springs and a local culinary experience



  • Bathe in thermal waters at hot-spring Onsen lodging on every evening
  • Experience a full day of guided snowshoe walking to frozen waterfalls, forests and frozen lakes in a picturesque Alpine highland setting
  • Stay in exquisitely-preserved Japanese inns and enjoy delicous regional cuisine deep in Japan's Alpine region
  • Glimpse panoramic mountain views out over the soaring Japan Alps covered in snow
  • Visit the the engaging castle towns of Matsumoto, Hida-Furukawa and Takayama
  • Gain insight into the regional culture through a local culinary experience and Sake brewery visit in Hida

Lying at the heart of central Japan, Shinshu 信州 and Hida 飛騨 - the traditional names for Nagano and northern Gifu Prefectures - have flourished since ancient times as a cultural crossroads between east and west Japan. The region is also home to the Northern Alps, a range of 3,000-metre high mountains often called "the roof of Japan”, and an area of great scenic beauty, offering superb views, unspoiled natural landscapes and some of Japan's best Onsen hot springs.

Explore the feudal castle town of Matsumoto, then head into the Oku-Hida mountains to discover the biodiverse highlands and secluded Onsen hot springs. Continue onwards to Hida-Furukawa and Takayama. An unforgetable winter experience.

Choose a pre-tour 1-night extension to visit Yudanaka Onsen hot-spring village in northern Nagano. Here the famous Japanese macaque “snow monkeys” come to warm themselves in the outdoor hot-spring baths during the cold winters, enjoying the natural setting just like humans.

Please ask for information about our tour extensions: spend more time in the Hida region with our Takayama extension, visiting the UNESCO thatched-roof community of Shirakawa-go and the wonderful teahouses of Kanazawa; enjoy spectacular views of Mount Fuji from the Hakone hot-spring area and the rural village of Oshino Mura; be charmed by the peaceful agricultural community of Asuka while staying in a delightful small inn or with a local family for a unique homestay experience.

This tour offers optional snowshoeing. Please see here for trips best suited to families.