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Our Kumano Kodo Branch

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We are the only company with a local branch on the Kumano Kodo trail


Oku no Yado Chikatsuyu


In spring 2015 Oku Japan renovated an old wooden building and opened a representative office in the village of Chikatsuyu, where we are delighted to be part of the local community. Our branch office is a lovely traditional wooden building right on the route of the Kumano Kodo trail as it passes through Chikatsuyu. We now offer the opportunity for clients to stay in this simple but atmospheric accommodation, called Oku no Yado Chikatsuyu. 

Our Chikatsuyu branch colleagues Mayumi and Satoe are local residents.




Satoe was born and raised in Tanabe city, Wakayama Prefecture, close to the Kumano Kodo trail. From a young age, she has had an interest in international culture, and spent a year in Pennsylvania in the United States as an international study during her time as a university student in Osaka.

After graduating, Satoe worked as a barista for 4 years, gaining experience in service and management in the hospitality industry. She enjoys making people happy through making coffee, and with this passion she has entered free-pour latte art competitions, making it into the quarter finals twice.

After moving back to her hometown she is now enjoying life surrounded by beautiful nature, mountains and the sea. Satoe loves visiting coffee shops around Japan and traveling overseas to experience different cultures, food, and meeting new people.





Mayumi grew up in Wakayama to the north of the Kii-Peninsula. At 20, she took her first trip overseas to Canada, which piqued an interest in international cultures. After working in Osaka for a number of years, she moved to Australia to study Interpreting and Translation, and later Languages.

Living in Australia for four years, she returned to Japan after graduating, first working in trade affairs before joining Oku Japan.

Mayumi enjoys visiting shrines and temples, as well as traveling in both Japan and overseas. There are still many places that she would like to visit, and she enjoys speaking with our guests about their home countries.


Mayumi and Satoe are there to support our guests if they need assistance on the trail or simply to answer their questions. They are always happy to say hello to clients when they stop by the office to share a special moment  – and a cup of tea.

A stay in the building includes dinner, breakfast and a packed snack lunch for the next day on the trail. The location is ideal for exploring the village of Chikatsuyu.  You can wander down to the riverside inn Minshuku Chikatsuyu and use the wonderful, large hot-spring baths there.


The building has already hosted the whole Oku Japan team on their annual company retreats in 2015 and 2016. During the annual retreat, our overseas team members join Japan-based colleagues, and we exchange ideas for the future development of the company as well as sharing some wonderful moments. 

We always sample the delights of Chikatsuyu as well as excellent regional cuisine at local restaurants, or from home-prepared bento lunch-boxes. This year, we even enjoyed a village barbecue with members of the Chikatsuyu  community that featured Nagashi Somen, where chilled noodles are sent cascading down a split giant bamboo pole to celebrate summer. There was a great deal of laughter!


Because Kumano is an ideal location for cultural and community events, we also enjoyed a boat trip on the Kumano River, a Shamisen music performance in the lovely setting of our building in Chikatsuyu, and invigorating  hikes in the Kii Peninsula.


Meet the local people

Our local branch enables guests the unique opportunity of getting to know the local communities we work with. Our team can show you around the village and introduce you to local shopkeepers and villagers, who can offer a fascinating insight into what this rural lifestyle means to them.


We hope visitors and villagers will find our branch a congenial space to meet and share their experiences.





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