Japan Reopens - Welcome Back!

The Japanese Government took the first steps to opening the country's borders and starting from June 10th, 2022, travellers may tour Japan on fully-escorted small-group tours following certain guidelines.

We invite you to be a trailblazer with us on our special opening departures this summer, and are happy to provide you with the information and support that will make it possible you to be among the first to travel to Japan.

As an authorised operator, Oku Japan are thrilled to be able to share our walking tours on some of Japan’s most historic and culturally-rich trails once again.  Being the only operator with branch offices on the Kumano Kodo and Nakasendo trails, we have been able to utilise this local support to create slightly amended versions of two of our most-loved guided tours, enabling us to provide the same rewarding experience while the current guidelines so that you may enjoy a holiday in Japan this summer, exploring the charming countryside.

*Please note that this offer applies to travellers coming from countries on the Japanese government’s designated blue list. Please see here to confirm.

Join us on a tour

Two of our classic, most-loved tours are now available for you to enjoy this summer! As you can expect on all Oku Japan guided tours, our expert local guide will be there to introduce you to Japan's history and culture, all while taking you through breathtaking landscapes and to delightful towns on some of the country's most historic trails. Are you ready to sample fresh, local cuisine, hike through stunning scenery, and make lifelong memories with like-minded travellers?

The process is simple

Our team will support you in all steps to make your arrival in Japan as easy as possible.

Book your tour and consult with our team on the necessary information to make your flight arrangements

Apply for visa with the documents we will provide

Ensure that you acquire private insurance that covers COVID in case of falling ill

Take a PCR test before your flight

Arrive in Japan and present your documents

Start your Oku Japan tour!

We will provide you with further assistance and guidance leading up to your departure, though you may also wish to visit our FAQ page for additional details.

Safety Measures

You will be asked to follow Japanese government guidelines including wearing masks/social distancing/sanitisation and to provide documentation such as your negative COVID test result, pledge, information, and vaccination details.