The 2016 Oku Japan retreat


This summer, the Oku Japan team gathered at our Kumano Kodo branch to share time together.  Overseas team members joined Kyoto staff in our city base and we headed off together to the Kumano Kodo.  Over a period of four days we sampled the delights of this special place and swapped ideas for the future development of our company. 

We shared some wonderful moments.  Highlights included a boat trip on the Kumano river, a Shamisen music performance in the lovely setting of our branch building in Chikatsuyu, and energising hikes in the Kii Peninsula.


In addition to these discoveries we sampled excellent regional cuisine at local restaurants, from home-prepared bento lunch boxes, and at a village barbecue.  The barbecue featured Nagashi Somen, where chilled noodles are sent cascading down a split giant bamboo pole to celebrate summer (and produce a great deal of laughter!).



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