We value your travels with Oku Japan and want to reward your support

Loyalty Programme

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We value your travels with Oku Japan and want to reward your support.


Continued support from our clients means a great deal to Oku Japan and our Loyalty Programme is our way of saying thank you.

 Loyalty program



5% price reduction for our repeat guests
Refer-a-friend programme
Oku Japan Club



Repeaters’ price reduction


We offer a 5% price reduction on tour prices to Oku Japan repeat direct clients.


Refer-a-friend programme


We are proud that many guests join our tours through recommendations by friends and family. Share your experience to receive rewards for you and your friends when they book with Oku Japan.



Receive a GBP75 / USD95 / CAD115 / AUD130 / EUR95 / JPY10000 referral credit once the friends you introduce complete their first trip with us.  You can refer friends up to three times and redeem the referral credit on your next booking with Oku Japan.


Your friends will receive a GBP75 / USD95 / CAD115 / AUD130 / EUR95 / JPY10000 price reduction on booking with Oku Japan.

Please see terms and conditions at the bottom of the page.


Oku Japan Club


The Oku Japan Club is for our biggest fans. After three tours, you become an Oku Japan ambassador and receive exclusive privileges and offers.



Terms & conditions

The repeat client price reduction can be combined with a referral credit.
The repeat client price reduction applies to guests who have travelled and booked directly with us within the last five years.
The referrer can refer up to three times.
The referral-credit is valid for three years.
The referral-credit cannot be converted into cash.
The referrer must have completed their tour before referring a friend.
The friend must be a first-time Oku Japan customer booking directly with Oku.
Friends booking with Oku Japan must provide the referrer’s email address and booking code during the initial booking process; the price reduction cannot be applied later.
Price reductions apply to the base tour price and not to extensions or additions.
The referral is per booking and not per individual introduced. We define a booking as "People travelling together on the same date".
We ask guests to confirm their referral before making final payment and we reserve the right to decline reductions.